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About Us (Guesso)

WELCOME to GUESSO.COM since 1999

(1) About Us
a) General information
GUESSO is the leading distributor of promotional brand name beauty supply aids like Lotions, Creams, Soaps, Hair care products, Human hair, Colognes, Cosmetics, Fashion items and related items since 1999.
This is one of important information with "Ordering info" what you have to read and accept all before start business with guesso.com

We are doing business with retailers and distributors throughout the world. Our vast inventory of quality products enables us to service the smallest as well as the largest discounters in the world.

b)Merchandise we carry.
1. Skin Care Merchandise : We carry the best brand skin care merchandise like Fair & White, AcneGone, Soyez lotion, Roldan, Topiclear, .....and a lot of popular brands from France, England and the US.
2. Professional Hair Salon Merchandise : We also have varieties of high quality Professional hair salon merchandise like Hair shampoo, Hair conditioner, Hair treatment, Hair color line and many others as you can see that.
3. Perfume & Make up Merchandise :
4. Health care Merchandise :
5. Fashion Merchandise is popular with mordern design and best quality.
6. Brand Information :

We only carry branded products. We do not carry alternative imitations or knock-off brands.(But if you find some strange design on our website and if you have a idea about good product information, please let us know for correction.)

As the best service is our goal, you won't be disappointed with our service and our products.

If you have any questions and for those of you who do not know us, please feel free to contact us and browse the entire site, so that you do not miss any product that you might be looking for.

c) Meaning of Guesso
Guesso from "I guess so"
GUESSO means consent to demand of consumer.
We are working for desirous and satisfaction of customer under our MOTTO.

d) Motto
Challenge for the New
GUESSO's Challenge is for the new frontier always.
Challenge continue not only yesterday, today and but also tomorrow.
Because Challenge is a tomorrow than today and a development
for better future as like human history after Genesis.

Belief in the Future
GUESSO believe a promising tomorrow than today.
This meaning is that we are living today in belief and it has a promising future.
GUESSO Belief is a promising belief that we can make a
peaceful World and make happy for every body with you.

Happiness of All
GUESSO dream is a happiness for every consumer, supplier, investor, and families all of GUESSO.
This dreams are able to have evey body and companies.
Finally and Specially,
GUESSO dream is make happy and peace World with every body specially who are living with same
beautiful pure dream as GUESSO even in difficult situation by hungry, unsafety and in discrimination.

Happiness of All !!!
This is reality of the New that GUESSO do Challenge.
This is future of GUESSO's strong Belief.
This is final answer the reason of GUESSO is here.

You can joint us and welcome any time, if you understand and want cooperation
with GUESSO into a reality in this World for our same beautiful dream.

(2) Copyright
Everything on this site, including images, drawings, sound, graphics and text, is protected by copyright and other proprietary laws.
www.guesso.com grants you a limited license to access and make personal use of this site for place order only to www.guesso.com, and not to download, except where specifically invited, nor to duplicate, sell or modify, any portion of this site without express written authorization from Guesso.com.
You agree not to access this site by means other than that provided by Guesso.com.
If we incur loss due to copying, downloading or anything as such from www.guesso.com, we will charge you without your acceptance and you have to pay to Guesso for the loss culculated by Guesso.

(3) Contact Us
You can visit GUESSO.com and do not hesitate to ask us any questions. (You can click "Contact Us" to send an email from home page on guesso.com)

Web Customers Email: help@guesso.com
Korean Customer Email: opsynj@guesso.com
Store Customer Email: wholesale@guesso.com
We welcome your email anytime.
If you write an email, please leave your phone number, fax number and Order number and the issue that your inquiring about.
Office hours are : 9am-5pm eastern(NJ) time Monday to Friday except holidays.
Phone : (877)GO4-OPSY (973)894-3255 (You can leave phone message anytime if we do not take your phone call, we will only return your call if there is an issue with your order, if your leaving a message please include your name, order number or zip code.)
Fax: (866)571-6821 (24 hours 7 days a week.)

436 Getty Ave
Clifton, NJ 07011

(4) Ordering information

We appreciate your visit to Guesso.com and for the order.
Could you please refer to our ordering information(ORDERING INFO) on home page before placing an order to understand well.
If you do not accept our Sales Policy and all of "Ordering Info"on Guesso.com, please do not place any order unless you read carefully and fully understand and agree to all of these terms, conditions and WARNING INFORMATIONS TO USE for SKIN CARE(All products include Lightener,Whitener, Fade cream, lotion, soap, oil, glycerin), HAIR CARE MERCHANDISE and all products on www.guesso.com.

Thank you very much.