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Algae can naturally lighten the skin

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Algae Extract: A safer and a more beneficial method of clearing the skin’s complexion. The skin whitening industry continues to bombard us with many different method of clearing our complexion. Most of the ingredients over the past decade have given goodand fast results however; the majority of them have not been beneficial for the skin. This has led countries such as those in the European Union to target most of the products that consist some of those harmful ingredients. The ban on major ingredients has led manyskin care manufacturers to look into newer methods of creating a product in which the consumer will get the results they’re looking for with a long term beneficial result to their skin. 

K-Resse Body Lotion

K-Resse is a brand new product that was developed in a laboratory in France using the finest Algae extract ingredients. Its formula is rich in lightening ingredient (sea ferns), which help lighten the complexion of the skin. The K-Resse lotion is all around beneficial for your skin and does not contain any of the harmful ingredients of the past. When you get a chance give it a try. 

Algae are an extract found in Seaweed and wild fungi. Its natural makeup is known to provide high levels of vitamins A, C and E along with essential amino acids and other natural minerals. Presently, several studieshave provided insight into biological activities of marine algae in promoting skin, health,and beauty products. Algae extract contains Tyrosinase inhibitors, which are the mostcommon approach used to achieve skin whitening, as the enzyme speeds up the rate ofskin pigmentation diminishes ( Studies on Algae Extracts continue to show promising results as its benefits rangefarther than skin care. If you’re looking for an alternative safer method of clearing your skin while at the same time assuring that the outcome is an all around healthy skin, you may want to look into products that contain algae extracts.

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